Audience First — Contents

Here is, without order or structure, a list of topics that I want to talk about in the book. It includes topics I myself find interesting, topics that other founders talk about, and suggestions from within my community.

Do you have any ideas and themes I should talk about? Let me know!

If you find something you find PARTICULARLY interesting among the following items, please tell me about that, too!

Here is what I plan to have in the book:

  • The difference between personal audiences and product audiences (and how to build either) — Thanks for the suggestion, Andrea.
  • How can you build a micro-community around the problem your solution solves? What are the benefits of such a community? — Thanks for the suggestion, Stephen.
  • A ‘roadmap‘ for building audience-first(Audience extraction -> Community Building -> List building -> Building product, etc) — Thanks, Alex.
  • How important is it to be Customer Zero for your own product? Do you have to? Might it work without that? — Thanks for the suggestion, Raj.
  • The difference between Audience-First and Product-First, with benefits and drawbacks.
  • Why “audience-first” is not just “building an audience”.
    • The many kinds of audiences you’ll encounter when building a business (and how to approach them).
  • Defining the term “audience” for bootstrappers.
    • What’s the difference between Market, Audience, Consumer, Customer, User, Following, Fans?
    • Why is there so much confusion about the term?
  • How funding and your choice of audience are related.
  • How to analyze an audience.
    • Following demand, validating demonstrated demand (and what looks like demand, but isn’t).
    • Observing a market and it’s constituents without prejudice.
    • Where to find domain experts.
    • Preventing analysis paralysis.
  • The best audience is a niche audience.
    • What makes niches special?
    • Is there a risk in niching down too much? Or too little?
    • Should you stay in the niche forever? Or move beyond it? When?
  • The best niche audience is a tribe.
    • How to establish yourself as part of a tribe?
    • How to communicate to tribes. (And how NOT to)
  • A Guide: Pragmatic steps to find your audience
    • Awareness: Finding potential audiences that you can relate to
    • Affinity: Examining which potential audiences you deeply care about
    • Opportunity: Scouting for interesting problems in your potential audiences
    • Appreciation: See which potential audiences are willing and able to buy solutions to their problems
      • Budget and willingness to pay: how can those be measured? How to we detect purchasing agency? — Thanks for the suggestion, Brendan.
    • Size: Figure out if the potential audience is big (and small) enough for a business
  • Building an audience from within a community
    • Why should I want to become a domain expert?
    • How can I build reputation within my community?
    • How to listen to an audience, and what to listen for. How to discern insights? — Thanks for the suggestion, Justin.
  • The tools and strategies of audience-building.
    • Landing pages, customer exploration, content marketing, community projects: what works, what doesn’t, and why.
    • Why you can’t avoid becoming a subject matter expert.
    • How do people build a following for themselves, their business, and their services?
    • Why “getting out of the house” matters. — Thanks for the suggestion, Vance.
  • What to do when you went product-first and want to turn your business into an audience-first biz?
    • Salvaging a product that no one wants to pay for.
    • Salvaging an audience that doesn’t respond to your offer.
  • What happens when audiences change over time?
    • How do you react?
    • How do you detect that?
    • How and when to break up with an audience? — Thanks for suggestion, Justin.
  • Finding critical problems within an audience, both at a glance and in depth. Thanks S.Shravan for the suggestion.
    • What to give away and what to charge for? — Thanks for the suggestion, Justin.
  • Micro-SaaS audiences and what makes them different from other audiences. + Case Studies (thanks, Alex)
  • Lots of case studies. (Who should I talk to here? Who has done audience-first really well? Who did it fail for? Let me know if you know someone with an amazing story. )
  • How to find and learn the voice of your audience.
  • How to do multiple audience analyses, which criteria to select one from — Thank for the suggestion, Alex.

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